Our story

  • June 1995

    Cyclo Services moves into a 240 square foot room at 84 Dalhousie Street with only 15 rental bikes and initially only offering a simple repair service.

  • 1997

    Two years later, the company moves to a 700 square foot space in the same hangar and owns about 30 bicycles. It was at this time that the first guided bike tours began.

  • 2001

    In 2001, the transformation of the hangar into a cruise ship terminal forces Cyclo Services to move to the northwest tower of the Old Port Market. The company acquires 800 square feet of space, which will eventually double in size in 2003, and its fleet grows from 75 to 100 rental bikes.

  • 2007

    During the winter of 2007-2008, Cyclo Services proceeds to fit out an 1800 square foot premises at 289, rue Saint-Paul, a location the company still occupies today.

  • Now

    Cyclo Services now has a rental fleet made up of nearly 200 bicycles of all kinds and sizes that can suit the different needs of its customers. The guided bicycle tours sector is also enjoying great popularity due to the interest it generates in other sectors (travel agencies, hotels, corporate and school sectors).

Customer reviews

« The perfect way to see Quebec City. Friendly service in English and French. Solid bikes and gold rates. Also, great advice on where to ride. Highly recommended. »

« Gave us a great tour! Friendly guides, good bikes! They had no issue adding a specific destination (we asked prior to the day) and they had no objections and added panniers on their own for us. We really appreciated the stop at the farmers market. Will return for another tour. »

« Quick easy repair and very nice, friendly staff. They speak both English and French. »

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The experimented mechanics maintain our bike fleet all year long and repair everyone’s bike with love. They make sure that everyone rides with confidence and pleasure.

The tour guides at Cyclo Services are passionate, knowledgeable, unique & certified as it is required in Quebec City. You will for sure live great experiences on our guided bike tours!

The customer service team is attentive, resourceful and efficient.



Owner, responsible of bike rentals and the repair shop


Co-owner, responsible of accounting


Coordinator & responsible of the bike tours


Mechanic, responsible of the repair shop

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